Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each new customer bought to the business by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Affiliates receive a commission on the money spent by new customers they recruit.
Moreton Bay Dry Cleaning and Steam Launderers' Affiliate program is quite unique. Affiliates receive a commission for sourcing new customers who download our app and use our services. Our Affiliates, however, can select via the app where their commission is paid. Currently, there are three options available:
  • Affiliates can pay themselves (SelfPay)
  • Affiliates can pay a business (BusinessPay)
  • Affiliates can pay a local charity or sports group as a donation (SupporterPay)
SelfPay is ideal for networkers who deal with a lot of people. It is also great for local website owners and local bloggers. Site visitors can scan a unique QR Code provided by Moreton Bay Dry Cleaning and Steam Launderers, that then gives them the option to download from Google Play or the App Store. The QR Code recognises the affiliate, and the new customer is attached to their affiliate account. A percentage of new customer(s) spending is then credited to the SelfPay Affiliate's bank account. The current commission for SelfPay is 5%.
BusinessPay is ideal for business owners, building managers and/or building management companies. Large apartment buildings normally have a front desk, and to allow the dry clean business to pick up and collect from their front desk enables dry clean operators to access a high-concentration of customers in one convenient location. Staff can be instructed to collect dry cleaning, then schedule a pick up from the businesses front desk. A percentage of each order collected is then credited to the BusinessPay Affiliate's bank account. The current commission for BusinessPay is 5%.
SupporterPay is ideal for individuals and families involved in local sports clubs and charities. We like local sports clubs as there is usually a rather high concentration of local residents who either play or are involved as their children play in the junior ranks. Supporters download the app, then the payout is set to their chosen charity or club. This is a great way for groups of people to create an income stream for their charity or club. The current commission for SupporterPay is 7.5%.
Please follow this link to sign up online for our the Moreton Bay Dry Cleaners and Steam Launderers Affiliate Program.
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