How do dry cleaners clean and store their own winter doonas and blankets?


The first step is to get your doonas and blankets professionally cleaned because you don’t want to store them away with winter nasties. Did you know that your doona contains on average 20,000 dust mites?


Over the winter, dead skins cells, bug debris, oil residue and mildew collect in our bedding. You want to make sure your doonas and blankets are cleaned and fully dried before they get tucked away till next winter. Otherwise, this debris attracts more bugs and moths, damaging your doona fillers and increasing the risk of allergic reactions next winter.


Feather Doonas

Feather doonas can be washed in our washing machines. Our machines are gentle on feather bedding but effective at cleaning, and our dryers will fluff up the feathers. If you have room at home in a linen cupboard, then store them in a cotton bag, or wrap them in an old clean sheet, with space and air around them.


The feathers can break if they are squashed under other items or stored in tightly vacuum-sealed bags, causing clumps over time. If you’re limited with space and need to store under the bed, you can use a vacuum-sealed bag but leave plenty of room around the doona so the feathers aren’t crushed.


Cotton Doonas

Wash cotton or cotton/synthetic doonas in warm to hot water and dry them well before storing. Again our laundromats will wash these for you quickly and effectively and our dryers will fluff up and air the cotton. Unlike feather doonas, these can easily be stored in vacuum-sealed bags and stored away for the summer. Or you can wrap them in a cotton sheet and store away.


Woollen Blankets & Doonas

You can’t wash woollen doonas in a washing machine otherwise the wool fibres will change and clump. Best to call us to professionally launder woollen doonas.


Wool is a natural fibre that is breathable, water-resistant and has antibacterial properties. We recommend they are given plenty of sunshine and fresh air during the winter months to air them out. This reduces the need to clean them as often. But before they go into storage for the summer, we definitely recommend a good wash.


Once cleaned, store them in the linen cupboard wrapped in a cotton bag or a vacuum-sealed bag.


Key Tips

  • Clean your doonas first by calling Moreton Bay Dry Cleaning and Laundry – this prevents moths and other bugs from visiting, and our professional service is second to none

  • Don’t store them in the garage or room where there is dampness

  • Only use vacuum storage bags if the doona is clean and the filling can handle it

  • Make sure the doona is totally dry before storing

  • Use sheets to wrap doonas in where possible – they allow doonas to breathe and will absorb any moisture

  • Use some natural moth/bug repellents just in case

  • To clean your bedding and store them away this summer, call Moreton Bay Dry Cleaning and Laundry first.

  • Gentle on your doonas and blankets, fast and efficient, our modern wash/dry clean processes will have your doonas and blankets done professionally.